Sunday, October 19, 2008

Good signs and happy hope

Bubble lady whipped out some more tests recently. The last time she ran cognitive tests for Shea he just didn't have the verbal skills to be able to take the test appropriately. Wisely, she set them aside and said she would run them again once he had progressed to a point where it would make sense.

On Fridays, when we go to the city for speech, I usually pop in to say hi, let her know of anything that has happened over the week and let them work together without me there. For the first year or so, I stayed in the room and observed. And, I did learn a lot but I felt I was distracting them both. I find that he is a bit more oppositional when I am there. And, frankly, it just makes me a nervous wreck to sit there and watch the battle of wills. I feel it is better for everyone if I go and hang outside for the hour, run errands, listen to the radio, etc.

So, I did not know that she had deemed the time appropriate to run those tests again. But, when I came to pick him up after the session, she was visibly excited. She had ran the cognitive portion of the test and he had landed at 53% or pretty much smack dab in the middle. Or as I like to think of it, age appropriate.

What a relief. We had always intuitively known that he had his wits about him. But, somehow the quantified number gave me waves of relief and hope.

Bubble lady also ran another test to find out where his language was compared to typically developing kids. The results came back with his expressive language at 3 years and 3 months. Or about a year a half behind. This didn't sound too bad to me and it seemed like proof that serious progress has been made.

So, here is a perfect example of the dichotomies of life; on one hand I don't trust those standardized tests one bit. On the other hand, these test just gave me concrete results that I could cling to as we ride this wave.

I guess that is why open minds glean more benefits?

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