Sunday, November 6, 2011

It has been a LONG time...

I was pondering just today about how much I missed blogging. How I loved the serendipitous connections and the creative and emotional release. Why wasn't I doing it anymore? Sure, I am busy, real busy these days but that isn't the only reason.

Coaxing words from Shea somehow just doesn't seem to fit anymore. I am no longer in that place. I started Coaxing when I was sad and scared about Shea. Those of you who know, I had a toddler that couldn' or wouldn't speak. Those were the days where I had no idea what his future had in store and was dreading and dwelling on the worst scenarios. Dark anguished times. Those were the early special mommy years and they hurt.

But that is not me anymore.

I am no longer terrified of what Shea's future will be. I, of course, still don't know but he is a happy, healthy kid and talks plenty. Yes, he still has some articulation issues and he is still getting speech through the school and weekly private. And he does have some learning challenges although mild; math is hard but reading is easy.

But Shea is all dude;Wii games, Basketball, Tennis, his puddy cats; the kids leads a charmed "normal" life.

If I only knew then what I know now. How much solace I would have taken.

Time to move on.

So, here is an honest attempt; Fresh ground; ponderings, a definite work in progress.

Let's just say I will have a wider platform of topics without being all over the place!

Come visit me there!

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Anonymous said...

Julie (Gordon's Mom) here, Shelly. Going comfortably gray, too. Thanks for posting this. I see it is from 1st grade. I think about that performance at the end of the year when both Shea and Gordon were up in front of the school reading & speaking. When Shea got up and read I remember looking back into the audience, finding you in the crowd. I was crying because of how far those two had come. These amazing little beings. And they have come even further today. Ah - just misty musings. Hope you guys are well.

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