Friday, January 8, 2010

A brief glance at dance or The grounding of the Grind

Once there were the flappers
way back in the day,
the way they flapped and bared their legs
was considered quite risque.

Then there was the "Lindy"
and of course the "Jitter-bug"
the adults didn't like it,
all this "cutting of the rug".

In the 50's it was Elvis
who ground a bit himself.
It took the Beatles and the 60's
to put him on the shelf.

The "Boogaloo", the "Billy",
the "Shimmy" and the "Twist",
My older sister became a twister
and Boy! my folks were pissed.

In my time it was Disco,
a dance we all regret.
I shudder just to hear the word,
I'd just as soon forget.

With the "Rappers" came the "Breakers",
with the "Hippers" came the "Hop".
"Could you please turn down the volume!
Will this nonsense never stop?"

Now the kids are grinding
and it makes use geezers flip.
All the grabbing and the groping
and the gripping of the hip.

So if you grind you're grounded
and if you're grounded you may find
Saying to yourself,
"My god, my mothers lost her mind!"

"This grinding must be grounded,
if not by reason then by force."
Its always been that parents
don't want their kids to "intercourse".

So if you find yourself
at a Vashon High School dance,
just relax and take a deep breath
For at least they're wearing pants.

By Jake Dillon

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Catpad said...

uau, really beautifull :)

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